Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Great show in HUNTSVILLE, AL

Our bass player (Gaff) has been recuperating from pneumonia over the past few weeks. To make things worse, he coughed so hard he caused a hairline fracture to his ribs. We almost had to cancel our show last week, but Randy stepped up and played bass for the night. HOLY SH** he was really good! We rocked out a very eager crowd and had an awesome time. Thank you, Station in Huntsville! and THANK YOU, RANDY!

Gaff will be back in action next week ready to scare the young ladies tearing up his four strings.
Our schedule for this week is:
Friday in Columbus, MS for the Tri Delta sorority and
Saturday night in downtown Memphis (Pearl's Oyster House).
Upcoming Shows
We hope to see our Memphis friends Saturday night!

Take care.