Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thank You For 5 Tremendous Years!!

In case you haven't heard. New Year's Eve was our last show...well, kinda! It was my brothers; Devan(vocals) and Richards (drums) last show :( They are embarking on new career opportunities and I wish them the best of luck. They will be missed deeply. Not only by me but by many others!! We played 1001 shows in a 5 year period all with the original members. It is a chapter in my life that I will cherish forever and am honored to have been a part of. Dev and Rich aren't really my brothers but I love em like they are! We've all been through personal crisis at some point during those 5 years and for me personally I probably wouldn't have made it through mine without those guys! They truly are amazing and the greatest friends a guy could ask for and I hope they know that!!

As for the future of YNM, we will continue. I'm taking over on lead vocals/guitar, Chris(Gaff) is still on bass and we've hired Vince Hood to take over on drums and Charles Theos as the 2nd guitars/vocals. We actually played our first show January 2nd at TJ Mulligans in Cordova, TN. The show went great but It was very awkward not having Devan and Rich on the stage! It was like a part of my soul was missing!! Being the great, awesome friends they are, they showed up to support us though! I really do love em! I'm not gay or anything....not that there's anything wrong with that!

We are changing the band name. The new name is "Auto Rocket" http://www. myspace. com/autorocketmusic Please look us up! For now you may see and/or hear advertisements for "Yes No Maybe" and/or "Auto Rocket" It may take a while for the name change to be complete. The YNM MySpace and web site; http://www. yesnomaybemusic. com will remain up and running and I'll be posting show dates on them as well as the Auto Rocket page.

Devan and I will continue to do acoustic shows around town. We're trying to come up with a name for the acoustic act and as soon as we do I'll let ya know what it is. I'll be posting those show dates on the YNM and Auto Rocket pages as well so keep checking them.

Once again, Thanks for your support the last 5 years and 1001 shows!!

Have a great 09'
Randy Holder