Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No Road Story - Hurt Drummer!

Hello ALL,
I said I would get back to the story of our Drummer, Richard.

Our brother is quite hurt. Richard and I work part time for an Audio/Visual company. Two weeks ago he was on a six foot ladder helping me install some ceiling speakers in an office. He leaned forward and put too much body-weight on the ceiling grid. It gave way and he fell. He rolled his left ankle INWARD, not outward like a normal ankle roll. He sustained a COMPOUND FRACTURE on his left ankle. For those of you squeamish folks, yes his bones basically shattered and tried to poke out of his heel. He will be in a cast for over three months. Like most of us musicians, we cannot afford health insurance, so he is in physical and financial pain. We are doing everything we can to help him out.
Now, the good news is that we are hopeful Richard will pull a DEF LEPPARD and continue to drum for us even though he will be not able to use his left leg. (FYI - his left leg is used to work the high-hat cymbals and double kick drum)
Now I am fully aware that Rick Allen lost his arm, but for god sake he was a millionare and had many more resources available to help him. Our local hospitals are treating Richard like shit because he has no money.
So with that said,
Please look forward to some upcoming shows with our crippled but TOUGH and DETERMINED drummer RICHARD!
Please show your love for our brother and give him your support!!!!

You can do it, Rich!


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